List of Registered contracting companies

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List of all Registered contracting companies.

Total number of registered contracting companies:49
NoBidder NameRegistered inTypeBidder TypeAddressEmail & PhoneDescriptionReg DateValid up to
1CompanyMinistry of Interior Non Consultancy ServicesFirmKabul UNknown_Email@email.ocm  12345 Removing of styptic wells and moving Solid surplus02/07/201506-07-2017
2Fov Takhar ProvinceMinistry of Interior WorksFirmTakhar Province UNknown_Email@email.ocm  12345 Construction OF Building 01/07/201605-11-2017
3TradeLicense WasiyKheta LtdMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmKart-E Parwan Kabul MAria UNknown_Email@email.ocm  12345 26Line OF Food 20 Line Vegetadk 5Line Fruits 24/06/201423-06-2017
4Gul Dost AmaoniMinistry of Interior GoodsFirm3rd Street Waziv Akbav Kuan Kabul  78888220 one Linc Bread Tor Appf03/11/201605-12-2017
5Arif Rahim KarimMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmAddvess Klola Pushta Kabul  700299504 1 Line Bread FOV Centraf 05/11/201506-11-2017
6Veudov Khaled Shekib LDDMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmArgana Afghan Logistic Caiureu  700299504 Two LineiOF Meet FOV Central And Zaul25/10/201601-12-2017
7ArianASamsov Log istic CompangMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmAddress Cheshti Martet Kadad Afghain stan  700299504 One Line Dread30/06/201621-12-2017
8Vcndor Hasib Saboor Drading CompangMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmAddress Ahmad Shahi Market Kasul UNknown_Email@email.ocm  12345 Prcurcng 40 Lines OT Tarniture For Logiltcc Generop Ditectordo 139524/11/201423-11-2017
9Haseeb RezayeeLogistces Services COMPANYMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmBaikh Afghnsta UNknown_Email@email.ocm  12345 30 lines of food30/11/201630-11-2019
10wasiyKhetad LTDMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmBagh-E Bala Kart-E-Parwan Kabuc UNknown_Email@email.ocm  12345 30 lines of food 03/07/201611-07-2017