List of Registered contracting companies

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List of all Registered contracting companies.

Total number of registered contracting companies:54
NoBidder NameRegistered inTypeBidder TypeAddressEmail & PhoneDescriptionReg DateValid up to
1Moslim Street Shahr E Naw KabulMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmLtaji Mohammhd Dhwood Amani Logistics Services CO UNknown_Email@email.ocm  12345 1Line OF Propaneghs04/02/201602-02-2017
2Sangar fatzt cogistics sekvices coMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmPISTRICT#3 Maimana city fakyab  12345 1 lineof bread05/10/201614-11-2017
3Aryana Ssmsor Logistics Services COMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmChashti Markut Herat AFG  123456789 30 Lines OF FOOD 30 Lines OF FOOD 30 Lines OF FOOD 30 Lines OF FOOD 30 Lines OF FOOD 14/10/201615-10-2017
4karwun Acza L ogisticsMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmPul -E Surkh Kabul UNknown_Email@email.ocm  703000272 15 Eznes OF Cereacs 15 Eznes OF Cereacs14/10/201616-10-2017
5Dawood Shah Zaman CO LTDMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmTahiya Maskan Kabul  776999907 1Line OF Propane GAS 1Line OF Propane GAS 1Line OF Propane GAS18/10/201618-10-2017
6TradeLicense Daud Shah zaman LTD Ministry of Interior GoodsFirmTaheya Maskan Kabul  776999907 1Line OF Diesel 1Line OF Diesel19/03/201619-03-2017
7Nasim Tandra Const ravtcn ComhaugMinistry of Interior WorksFirmQali Fatallah Kabul  776999907 Construetion OF Room Water PUMPAND Drilling OF Wiell04/07/201605-12-2017
8JV Walid Peman Group & Ramz Perozee LogsticMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmCnarahi Gul Surkh Kabul  700299504 3 Lines OF Wood Loth8 1 Lines OF Wood Loth Lines OF Wood Loth5 Lines OF Wood Loth2 Lines OF Wood Loth3 29/03/201602-02-2017
9Haji Mohammad Daoud Amani Logistic Services CompanMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmStreet # S Wazer Monammad Akbar Knan UNknown_Email@email.ocm  123456789 2 Line OF Petrol and Deisal19/03/201619-03-2017
10Mohammad wali salim zoeMinistry of Interior GoodsFirmwalid morket dan chaman Kab  788882270 2Line of wood19/03/201619-03-2017