Awarded Contracts

In this page you can find the information about the awarded contracts in procuring entities of Afghanistan government. Please select the name of procuring entity and type of procurement and then click on the results button. You can also use the Dari Version of the Awarded Contracts module at the following link. Please Click here.

Procurement Entity
Entity Type

List of all Awarded Contracts.

Total number of Awarded contract:192
NoProcurement Entity NameEntity TypeBudget Reference TitleProcurement Contact Reference NumberDescriptionContract Award DateContract Value in USDContract Value in AfAward toContract Completion Date
1Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development WorksSDP in border provinces(MRRD)MRRD/426/R.PROGRAM/51/INDIA/42/CC/KPA/95اعمار پروژه اعمار شبکه آبرساني از چاه همراه با ذخيره آب در ولايت کاپيسا، ولسوالي حصه اول کوهستان، دانشگاه البيروني MRRD/426/R.PROGRAM/51/INDIA/42/CC/KPA/95 04/07/201735806923990590شرکت ساختماني و انجنيري خرم ايرج03/20/2018
2Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development WorksAfghanistan Rural Access Programme (ARAP) National Rural Access Program (NRAP)RRD/MOF/NRAP/KBL/KAP/040/C2/001اعمار 5.67 کيلومتر سرک کانکريتي با ساختمان هاي آبرو آن از قر يه جامچي الي پل شاهراه ولسوالي حصه دوم کوهستان ولايت کاپيسا RRD/MOF/NRAP/KBL/KAP/040/C2/00104/05/201760193540329623 شرکت ساختمانی مناف ناصری03/20/2018
3Ministry of Defence Works  MOD12/28/2016019773700شرکت کابل تندر03/27/2017
4Ministry of Defence Works  MOD12/31/2016012792923شرکت گوتنبرگ12/21/2017
5Ministry of Defence WorksConstruction of buildings 1395-(MOD-W-0157) (25105)MOD03/01/20170731235شرکت ساختمانی حافظ08/01/2017
6Ministry of Defence    MOD02/23/20170436400000شرکت وارسته گروپ اف08/05/2017
7Ministry of Defence    MOD12/31/201602787100745 شرکت 5 لات05/25/2017
8Ministry of Defence    MOD12/31/20160523198927شرکت 7 لات06/05/2017
9Ministry of Defence    MOD11/05/2016034439152شرکت مجتبی علی حمزه05/05/2017
10Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development WorksLess Developed Provinces Projects (Samangan)MRRD/2/R.PROGRAM/2/KZN/2/CC/SMN/96پروژه اعمار 20 مترپل آهن کانکریتی گادری قریه آچه میلی ولسوالی ایبک ولایت سمنگان MRRD/2/R.PROGRAM/2/KZN/2/CC/SMN/9603/19/201716947011354490به شرکت ساختماني آزمون03/20/2018